Devils Garden Trail, Devils Garden Trailhead, Arches National Park, Utah

Devils Garden Trail - 6.75 miles

Devils Garden Trailhead

Landscape Arch, geologically one of the oldest in the Park (GPS: N38 47.414 W109 36.456)

Landscape Arch, geologically one of the oldest in the Park (GPS: N38 47.414 W109 36.456)

Round-Trip Length: 6.75 miles (includes all points of interest)
Start-End Elevation: 5,117' - 5,426' (5,460' max elevation)
Elevation Change: +309' net elevation gain (+807' total roundtrip elevation gain)
Skill Level: Moderate
Dogs Allowed: No
Bikes Allowed: No
Horses Allowed: No
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Devils Garden Trail - 6.75 Miles Round-Trip

Those seeking a quintessential Arches National Park experience will find it along the Devils Garden Trail: seven distinct arches, lengthy slickrock benches, panoramic views and a rich ecological mix highlight this enjoyable hike through a visually stunning landscape.

The Devils Garden Trail begins on a groomed path amid impressive rock formations, reaching a spur for Tunnel Arch and Pine Arch in .35 miles. The spur drops gently to a split - turn left for Pine and right for Tunnel. Tunnel Arch enjoys favorable morning light, though Pine Arch is arguably the more interesting of the two.

Back on the main trail you’ll glide easily to several good viewpoints for Landscape Arch and the Primitive Loop Trail junction (1.35 miles : 5,167’). Bear left to remain on the Devils Garden Trail. Back on the main trail you’ll glide easily to several good viewpoints for Landscape Arch near the Primitive Loop Trail junction (1.35 miles : 5,167’). Bear left to remain on the Devils Garden Trail. At 290.1' across Landscape Arch is thought to be the longest rock span in the world, followed closely by Kolob Arch in Zion National Park (287.4’). This lead is considered tenuous, as Landscape Arch is very near the end of its lifecycle.

The trail climbs in earnest from Landscape Arch over varied terrain; some moderate scrambling, rock hopping and attention to cairns are now required. The trail soon squeezes over the remains of a crumbled slot once distinguished by Wall Arch (1.65 miles : 5,242’). Some 33' high and 71'across, it ranked 12th in size among the Park's estimated 2,000 arches before succumbing to gravity, erosion and stress fractures sometime during the night between August 4th - August 5th 2008.

At 1.85 miles you’ll reach the spur for Partition Arch (.2 miles : 5382) and Navajo Arch (.3 miles : 5,395’). A worthwhile excursion, the spurs to each pass underneath the respective arches and permit up-close examination. The former yields sweeping easterly views through its archway, while the latter hides an interesting shaded alcove. Both are located on an elevated, heavily vegetated plateau. Arches receives less than 14 inches of rain per year, making this robust ecological community a special but delicate creation.

Once back at the Partition-Navajo Arch junction (2.75 miles of total hiking to this point), the main trail undulates through sand and slickrock, steeply climbing to the spine of a fin at 3.05 miles (5,425’). The trail rides the fin-top with memorable, panoramic views across Salt Valley. Cairns lead down the fin-top, hopping off at the Black Arch overlook (3.2 miles : 5,396’). While the arch itself is at a distance, it sits in a dramatic arrangement of spires, canyons and fins.

An obscured path continues to the Double O Arch spur - Dark Angel - Primitive Loop Trail junction (3.6 miles : 5,379’). From it, a sandy spur stetches to the base of Double O Arch (3.65 miles : 5,398’). Double O Arch is named so for the 'stacking' of two arches seemingly atop one another. Photographers will have to improvise a bit for a good look when approaching from the east, however it’s easily viewed and best lit in the afternoon on the main trail’s final segment to Dark Angel.

From this final junction, The Devils Garden Trail drops down, then rises through a brushy plateau crowned by Dark Angel (4.15 miles : 5,426’) - a towering 150' monolith at the trail's most northern point. The high slickrock bench from which Dark Angel rises affords sensational westerly views of Salt Valley and the Klondike Bluffs. Fewer people venture out to see Dark Angel, making it an ideal place to contemplate this idyllic landscape before retracing your steps to the trailhead.

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Interactive GPS Topo Map

Key GPS Coordinates - DATUM WGS84

  • N38 46.975 W109 35.709 — Devils Garden Trailhead
  • N38 47.132  W109 35.782 — Tunnel Arch
  • N38 47.243 W109 35.918 — Pine Arch
  • N38 47.433 W109 36.265 — Primitive Loop Trail Junction #1
  • N38 47.539 W109 36.471 — Wall Arch
  • N38 47.652 W109 36.611 — Navajo Arch - Partition Arch Junction
  • N38 47.510 W109 36.510 — Partition Arch
  • N38 47.472 W109 36.542 — Navajo Arch
  • N38 47.748 W109 36.887 — Travel over slickrock fin
  • N38 47.820 W109 36.966 — Black Arch Overlook
  • N38 47.957 W109 37.261 — Double Arch
  • N38 47.962 W109 37.276 — Primitive Loop Trail Junction #2
  • N38 48.070 W109 37.638 — Dark Angel

Worth Noting

  • This is a heavily used trail. Arrive early for parking and a measure of solitude.

  • Be courteous to others taking photographs; allow fellow visitors a clear view of the attractions.

  • Avoid traveling over wet slickrock.

  • Do not disassemble rock cairns. Rebuild any that are inadvertently knocked over.
  • Directions to Trailhead

    The Devils Garden Trailhead is located 18 miles north of the main park entrance and visitor center. The main park road dead-ends at the Devils Garden Trailhead parking cul de sac.

    Contact Information

    Arches National Park
    PO Box 907
    Moab, Utah 84532-0907
    Headquarters Phone: 435.719.2100
    Fax: 435.719.2305
    Phone: 435.719.2299 (recorded information)
    Camping Reservation Line: 877.444.6777

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    "Is anyone aware of the exact location of the petroglyphs that are located past the rock formation known as Dark Angel."
    Rick Taggart  -  Wadena, MN  -  Date Posted: March 14, 2016


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